October, 2022
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EX Quality Conformity Certificate
It is a certificate that indicates the compliance of the equipment, protective systems and their components used in explosive and/or potentially explosive environments to the technical specifications accepted by the Turkish Standards Institute in consideration of the Turkish and international standards or the Standards of other countries and entitles the use of TSE-EX brand upon signing a contract, is issued to the name of the Company and indicates the commercial brand, variety, class, type and kind of the goods on which the TSE-EX brand will be used and is valid of a year.
Advantages of EX Quality Conformity Certificate
●Decrease in cost- increase in trade,
●Easiness to reach the market,
●Reliability in the eye of the consumer,
●Safe product guarantee,
●Advantage in public and private sector tenders,
●Facility in studies related to the compliance to the legal regulations.
Exproof ürünler
How is the continuity of EX Quality Conformity Certificate provided?

●For the purpose of interlude controls, production site examination is made in the intervals designated by TSE and the examination and experiments, which are deemed necessary, are conducted by taking samples from the production site and/or market where necessary. The validity of the certificate continues if there is not any deviation from the terms of the certification as the result of these operations.

●Production site inspection is made for determining whether a system that guarantees the production site quality control capability and the continuity of the same is established or not.

●The examinations and tests stipulated by the respective standard and/or criteria are conducted.
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